Call For Volunteers – 2018 Board Elections

Dear Silicon Valley Chapter Member,

SVC had a great year of events powered by incredible sponsors that will continue to push the chapter into 2018 with your support. Today, I am writing to ask for volunteers to help solidify our goals to create a sustainable model for year over year operations.

Do you want to help fill in the vacancy for our chapter Secretary? If so, please email me by December 9, 2017 at I will provide you the information you need to complete this process, and what we expect from board members for meetings, events, and leadership roles.

The ballots will be released for electronic voting on December 15 with the close of voting to be at the holiday meeting on Dec 18, 2017.

Board Roles:
President (Incumbent Greg Deeds)
Vice President (Incumbent Tim Reuter)
Treasurer – (Incumbent Jennifer Deeds)
Secretary – Candidates Requested
Thanks for helping to make our chapter the strongest of them all. We appreciate you, and your continued support of our efforts to deliver outstanding value to Silicon Valley Chapter members.


Greg Deeds
Chairman, Silicon Valley Chapter of AUVSI, Inc.