February Chapter Meeting – “Going Solar” with ALTA DEVICES


Time : 6-8pm



Join the next meeting at Alta Devices.  We are welcoming speaker Bob Parks, currently with Aurora Flight Sciences, who will come out and talk about his vast experience in aviation and unmanned systems.

Meeting Details for February 28, 2017

RSVP Today @ Communications@svcAUVSI.org with Alta Devices in the subject line and your name in the email so we can register you.

Cant Attend In Person?  If you wish to get the link to the video conference room, then please note in your RSVP you will be attending online not in person.

About Our Speaker

Bob started his career with Lockheed Martin Skunkworks developing the F-117 stealth fighter. Developed human aircraft, one of which hangs in the Dulles International Airport. Bob co-founded Insitu and created the first UAV to cross the Atlantic. He has also worked on numerous solar aircraft with Lockheed and he worked on DARPA’s Vulture program.

About Our Event Host

In 2010, Alta Devices first broke the world record for single-junction solar cell efficiency. Since then, Alta Devices has broken the world record four more times (consecutively) and holds the current world record at 28.8%. In 2016 Alta Devices broke the world record for dual-junction cell efficiency and holds the current world record at 31.6%.

In 2012 and 2013, Alta Devices was named to MIT’s list of “Most Disruptive Companies” for their groundbreaking work bringing high efficiency thin film GaAs solar technology to the mass market.

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